Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I want to sit so still and stare out a large window into the ocean, while drinking a deliciously fresh cup of coffee. At the last sip, my thoughts would wonder how the waves sound at this hour. Stillness ceases as I leave my kitchen to feel the white sand over my feet. I notice my hair is too long as the wind whips it across my face, so I turn to let each strand fly behind me. Approaching the edge of the water, I can breathe bittersweet scents from the ocean. In each wave's anxiousness sits a spot for me to find and rest inside. If only I would remain content.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Last night I went to see my friend at her office, from there we walked to the firework show. People scattered all over the grassy areas, sitting in their camping chairs or sprawled out on blankets. We chose a slab of concrete.

When the show started, my friend started walking closer and closer to the fireworks. At first I thought she would be coming back, but then realized no one could turn away from the dazzle of fireworks! I ran after her and soon ended up right by the caution tape on the bridge.

See, she was taking pictures for her job and I decided to take a few with my phone camera. this blue shot is the only pretty one out of 5. Looking to my right I saw a little girl conducting the show. She flung her arms any which way the moment the firework BAM occurred. I'm sure she felt securely in control of the situation.

After it was over, we trekked back to her office to upload the best pictures. I had the urge to go swimming as it was hot and sticky even inside. It was too late for her though, since she actually has a place of employment. I drove to the only place I go swimming and found my aunt and cousin watching The Way We Were. Hadn't seen it before, so I watched the 2nd half. Afterward there was some discussion on what IS communism, socialism, marxism. Yawn.