Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have had an idea for a couple of months. It started when a girl around age 10 asked what going into middle school would be like. She was afraid because she heard scary stories about bullies, getting lost, tons of homework and exclusive cliques. I remembered what it was like to be that age with all the fears and unanswered questions. It was easy to pinpoint & address the concerns based on my experiences. So what I would love to do is create an "advice column" type of web site. And to package the "column", I want to use art and stories to create a type of community--a feeling of belonging--for the girls. That is exactly what I needed when I was young and it would mean so much for me to be able to create the feeling of belonging for someone.

So far, I have a little back story. I am not sure where to start on the short stories to go with it, that's the problem. Possibly I could start with story based on a question, making the answer more casual in presentation. At this point, I've been sketching a few character ideas and drawing some environmental elements. I want the site to be like a little world the visitor steps into and is curious to learn more; as they search the site, they feel they are home. Creating the curiosity is the challenge here.

In my mind, this is going to be a long process. I'd like to engage myself more in the action side of the project, but for now the majority is still in my head.

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