Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did he only "love" me when he looked at me and heard me sing? He says my beauty has clouded his judgment as to whether we are compatible. WHAT HAVE THE LAST FOUR YEARS BEEN? Is four years the breaking point of being head of heels for someone based on their looks? Apparently after that suddenly clear reasoning is allowed to surface. He said he didn't want to hold my hand yesterday. He didn't want to be near me. All because I am passionate and he relies on logic. All because we don't have the exact same taste in entertainment (movies, shows, music). But it's not like we are opposite in entertainment likes... we both have our own likes and mutual likes. He has introduced me to some great music that I love. The other day he was surprised when I knew a if any song written before I was born is unknown to me. There have been plenty of instances when I knew an "oldie" (because of my mother's influence).

I thought open and honest communication was the most important part of a relationship. We have worked on this continuously and he has told me his appreciation for it. Doesn't that count for something?

I guess everyone is allowed doubts. I had them too. Sometimes I still do. I never thought he would doubt being with me.

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